Rope Lab Rules

Ask before touching others. Only touch others after receiving clearly expressed verbal permission to touch.

This includes getting a “Yes” to touch:

  • People
  • Toys
  • Rope
  • Rope on people
  • Phones

Is it on you, yours, or have they not said ok? Don’t touch.

Ask before joining a tie, practice, or scene. If you’re at Rope Lab please feel free to ask questions but do not participate without clear permission.

Do Not exceed your ability when using rope
Do Not play while intoxicated or impaired
Do Not leave a tied bottom unsupervised
Do Not conduct any play with another person that has not been clearly consented to.

Rope Lab is a no sex zone.


Rope Safety

  • Before tying, have a cutting tool obviously visible and within reach.
  • Inspect a hard point before use. Try supporting your own weight on it first.
  • At lab, suspend only under supervision of an experienced rigger.
  • Have a plan.
  • Consider the safety of your tied up partner. What if there’s: power failure, loss of consciousness, fire, vomiting, etc… Have a plan for if things go very, very wrong.

Be respectful of everyone attending, hosting, and leading.

Please feel free to contact any Rope leader with issues or concerns or e-mail us at