About Us

Austin Rope Slingers began in the spring of 2015 in the apartment of BoundandBurning and Roebie with one goal: to offer a weekly gathering in a safe space for people interested in rope to share knowledge, experience and practice the skill. From that day, the Austin Rope Slingers has met once a week (except a few holidays) in that humble apartment, the homes of generous hosts or, more recently venues offered by local owners. In January of 2016 Austin Rope Slingers hosted its first party centered towards the learning and celebration of rope. Since that first party we have expanded to bringing in local and national educators and every month we always include a rope lab which runs throughout the night because there is always someone who wants to learn.

The skills learned here need not be used to tie up another; they may also be used for art and crafts, macramé, even the construction of whips or floggers. We are a group of enthusiasts and we are dedicated to helping the members of the Austin scene and visitors to our home feel welcomed, supported, safe, and free to express themselves. We focus on rope safety, all levels and methods of tying, the psychological aspects of bondage, bottoming, suspension, creativity and much more. This group is dedicated to fostering an environment in which people feel safe to practice an aspect of kink which inherently makes one very vulnerable; to that point the leaders of this group work diligently to be accessible and thoughtful towards all of our members and their lifestyles, identity, and  experiences.